Repository status page

by CSchenk3. February 2006 00:43
Did you notice the .aspx extension when browsing The project page is now an ASP.NET web application. The UI hasn't changed very much, but let me to direct your attention to a new table which shows status information about the MiKTeX package repositories. Please browse this table whenever you find it difficult to download packages from one of the repositories.

Expecting an answer from me?

by CSchenk8. July 2005 00:05

I just discovered that there were some emails in the contact email queue. For some reason, the email thread didn't do it's job right. After restarting the web application, the emails were sent.

If you have used the contact form in the last couple of days: I will now read your message :-)



Package repository was unaccessible

by CSchenk4. May 2005 21:57
The MiKTeX package repository was unaccessible for the last 24 hours. It seems that I messed up the directory permissions with the last web site update. I have fixed this.